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I have loved horses all of my life.  As a little girl just being around horses gave me the courage and security I didn't have when around people.  For some reason they were my strength and when I couldn't be in the presence of a horse I imagined I was riding or running along side of them.  I had a horse for a couple years when I was a child and  it wasn't until my early 40's that I finally owned several horses and could spend everyday alongside them.  


I have raised three beautiful children whom are successful young adults.  Now that they are on their own I am focusing on my dream of working with horses to help humans.  Through all of my experiences in life (good and bad) I have a deep desire to help another find their path to freedom.  Horses helped me find my path and I want to share my experience with others.  

You are probably wondering how I got to where I am now.  I met a wonderful woman in 2012 who has been my dear friend ever since.  She taught me so much about horses (she too loves horses immensely) that I was finally  confident enough to have horses on my own property.  I also spent 3 years training with the Koelle Institute of Equus Coaching and became a certified Equus Life Coach. 


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