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"From Fear to Trust: A Student's Journey to Connection with her Lesson Horse"

I am excited to share with you an inspiring story of a student who faced her fear head-on and found healing through the power of connection with her lesson horse, Cowboy. With the guidance of her instructor/life coach, she was able to ground herself and form a strong connection with Cowboy before her first ride on him. Cowboy is a very secure horse when riding, but unsaddled he can be anxious. However, the bond that the student formed with him allowed her to help calm him and create a deeper understanding between them. This story is a prime example of how connecting with a horse can improve the relationship for both human and animal. Horses are intuitive creatures that can sense and respond to our emotions. By spending time with them and building trust, we can create a stronger bond and improve our communication with them. This student's journey serves as a powerful reminder that even in the face of fear, there is hope for healing and transformation through the power of connection with horses.

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