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Tammy Holt - Equus Coach

I live, love, and dream horses.  My life has had its share of bumpy roads, but it led me to becoming an Equus Coach and being in the presence of horses every day.


My coaching connects a person with a horse to help relax the body so that the mind can focus clearly. 

Whether it’s relationship issues, painful experiences, addiction, or fears, being present with a horse is a life changing experience.  Horses are exceptionally in-tune with our energy levels and this helps guide my coaching to fit your needs.  If you have fear of horses, no worries, I promise that you will begin to see how kind, sensitive, and trustworthy horses really are and your fear will disappear.  

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Stable Thoughts in Paradise

My facility is located in Paradise, Utah (a beautiful place in Northern Utah).  If you are planning to vacation in Utah, please come spend a few hours to connect with your inner self and a horse. The mountains, green grass and country life will add to your experience!

My areas of expertise:

Self Worth