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God's Blessings.

Waking up this morning came with a nag of negativity after seeing about four inches of brand new snow on the ground. I didn't want the snow to arrive until December 14th when I no longer need to wear my boot for my healing foot. How rude of me to complain about another beautiful day I was offered... I immediately apologized to God for my little bout of selfishness.

I prepared my cup of coffee and proceeded to my usual reading spot by the fireplace. As I opened my devotional a couple words starred back at me "God's Plan." I laughed and then reminded myself that nothing is according to my plan, but only to our Heavenly Father's plan. Sometimes that reality is hard to accept, at least it is for me. However, my new and close walk with the Holy Spirit this past six weeks has reassured me that the truth really does set me free from worry, anxiety and fear. It is such a relief that I do not have to keep complaining and carrying on about poor me and how awful it will be that I can't go out to see the horses, goats and chickens for eleven more days (unless the temperatures warm up just a wee bit to melt a nice path for me)! I have to remember how blessed I am to have the help needed right now with all my chores. So, my job right now is to finish healing and keep seeking the Lord for his guidance each day.

If your day has started out like mine please pray to God and the Holy Spirit to calm your thoughts and remind yourself that this day is a blessing and needs to be celebrated. Whatever might be holding you back or causing you fear please pray to God and ask for His peace to blanket you. Take one step forward throughout the day to find every aspect of the beauty in today....

Me Watching Sadie watching the horses.....

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